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From the guitar flow sounds. Sounds that can mesmerize the soul of any existing entity. When played by an expressionist, it goes beyond the known laws, elevating you beyond the definable altitudes of pleasure. That is where the name Santhosh Chandran gets marked in your mind. The Guitar Virtuoso who set ablaze a new movement in Indian guitar scenario with his self-defined style The Indo Flamenco.

While you read this page, you are not just skimming through the profile of one of the nation’s most popular guitarists, but also getting close to a musical experience like never before. Welcome to Santhosh Chandran’s world of strings and notes.


Blue Orchid

Santhosh Chandran Indo flamenco

Eeran Megham

Neha Nair

Sughamanee Nilavu

by Acoustika (Jyotsna)

Oru Sanam

Kripa And Santhosh Chandran – IML soulful melodies